SMES 2015 - Security Middle East Show
SMES 2015 - Security Middle East Show
SMES 2015 - Visitors FAQ
   How far is SMES exhibition from the airport?
SMES takes place in the BIEL Beirut, down town, which is only a 15 minutes drive from the airport and any taxi driver can take you there. Do not forget to tell him to drop you at the door of the exhibition and not outside the parking area which is a long walk.
   Can I attend SMES on two consecutive days, and do I have to pay each time for entry?
If you would like to come to SMES on June, then you will have to pay only once to obtain your name badge. Once you register online or onsite and get your SMES name badge, then you are entitled to go inside the second day with the same badge but make sure to have your ID card with you as well. p.s. No transfer of name badges will be allowed as all ID cards will be checked upon entry.
   What are the age restrictions for entering SMES?
Visitors should be above 18 years old, and have to present an ID card to enter SMES.
   How can I attend SMES conference?
By applying online and filling the registration form of the conference visitor you can then receive a confirmation of your request by e-mail and then you are welcomed to attend the conference. To register to attend the conference now, click HERE.
   Will there be a cafeteria at SMES?
There will be a cafeteria at SMES which will provide a variety of snacks, drinks and sandwiches to have during this 3-days event.
   How can I spend my evening after the show?
There are many restaurants and night clubs to go dine at or have fun at in Beirut, especially in the Downtown area or in Jimayze Street which has a variety of restaurants and night clubs in it. The Downtown area and Jimayze Street are only 5 minutes away from BIEL. Hamra area is also a 15 minutes drive from BIEL where many international and Lebanese restaurants and cafés allocate in a more business-like environment. Hamra Street is also the perfect place to shop for souvenirs or clothes.

Please refer to our official contracted hotels for low rates packages and offers or check this link for an Official City Guide.

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SMES 2015 - Security Middle East Show
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